pod basztą

The Castle of the Order of St. John is Łagów’s foremost tourist attraction. Having undergone restoration, it now forms a cohesive complex, extraordinarily elegant in character. A wide sweep of steps leads directly to the glass-roofed, Renaissance-Baroque courtyard which is the heart of the castle. Superbly adapted and adorned with profuse greenery, it currently serves as a ballroom. It is a place at once beautiful and functional, with the light that streams in rendering it both bright and warm even on the cloudiest or frostiest of days. The castle itself houses superbly appointed hotel rooms, a knights’ hall which plays host to debates and meetings, a café and a restaurant. A climb to the top of the tower is a worthwhile effort which will be repaid by the enchanting views it presents of the little town, the lakes and the surrounding forests. It offers the opportunity to admire the astonishing diversity and abundance of the flora, set against the red roofs of Łagów and the emerald depths of both lakes. The castle is surrounded by a beautiful park, home to many a natural monument.

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